What’s Surface Treatment Of Stainless Welded Steel Pipe

- Apr 17, 2020-

In the production process of stainless steel welded pipes, surface treatment is also essential. What are the surface treatment methods now available?

The original surface of the rusty steel pipe: the surface treated with heat treatment and pickling after hot rolling. Generally used for cold-rolled materials, industrial tanks, chemical industrial equipment, etc., the thickness is thicker from 2.0MM-8.0MM.

Blunt surface: after cold rolling, after heat treatment and pickling, the material is soft and the surface is silver-white luster. It is used for deep drawing processing, such as automobile components and water pipes.

Matte surface: after cold rolling, heat treatment and pickling, and then finish rolling to make the surface moderately bright. Because the surface is smooth, it is easy to regrind, making the surface brighter, and has a wide range of uses, such as tableware and building materials. After adopting the surface treatment with improved mechanical properties, it can satisfy almost all uses.

Fine sand: the product grinded by the abrasive belt with size 150-180. It has better gloss, discontinuous rough lines, and finer stripes. Used in baths, interior and exterior decoration materials, electrical products, kitchen equipment and food equipment.

Wool surface: A product with a continuous pattern of polishing abrasive belts of appropriate particle size to produce an abrasive pattern (subdivision 150-320) Mainly used for building decoration, elevators, building doors, panels, etc.

Bright surface: After cold rolling, bright annealing is applied, and the product is obtained by smoothing. The surface gloss is excellent, with a high reflectivity. Like a mirror surface. Used in home appliances, mirrors, kitchen equipment, decorative materials, etc.

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